Thursday, April 15, 2010

farm day

Ella had "Farm Day" at preschool today. (and lovin' any excuse to wear cowgirl boots!) They had a little petting zoo set up for the kids and my girls were in heaven. I couldn't believe how patient the animals were with being picked up, petted, and loved on.

Allison just ran from animal to animal touching it once, then on to the next. "Duck, Duck, Goose!"

Ella stayed close to the bunnies and had one in her arms pretty much the entire time.

Auburn just loved being with the animals and the big kids

(or are they one and the same?)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

sweet dreams

When Allison woke up from her nap at GGs house this is what we found. Looks like she most definitely had "sweet dreams".

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my silly girls

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can't I get a HAPPY Halloween?

What? I can't HEAR you!

Oh... that's much better!

Happy Halloween 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

do not try this at home

I knew it was trouble when:
1. I asked Whitney what we should have for dessert on Mother's Day.

2. She had the perfect recipe.

3. She had never made it or eaten it.

4. Jean couldn't even read it to me over the phone because she couldn't pronounce some of the words. (and she's a gourmet chef...and smart!)

5. When she scanned it over to me, it was four pages, small print.

6. It called for more than one alcoholic beverage.

I was smart and delegated dessert to Whitney.

She made several trips to random grocery stores trying to find strange ingredients and the result...
Pour cherry liquor on some cardboard slabs and top it with pretty shavings, and you'll enjoy our Mother's Day dessert.
I repeat: do not try this at home.

I knew it was trouble when:
I asked Whitney what to have for dessert.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

fresh squeezed lemonade

cost: $3.50
earned: $31.25
(and we even slashed prices to half off 15 minutes after opening!)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

grandma paul

I stayed after Women's Conference to visit Grandma Paul. It was so nice for Jann, Debbie, Billie, and Andelyn (and little Soleil) to entertain me for the day. I am so lucky to have family that is so helpful and that I enjoy visiting so much. It had been a while since I'd seen Grandma, so it was a bit tough at first to adjust to seeing her that way.. with oxygen, struggling to speak. But as we got to chatting I was shocked to realize how well she remembers the funniest things. She was remembering all my "missionary mishaps" with old boyfriends and how it took Troy and I so long to decide to get married. She was recounting the stories like they happened yesterday. Grandma always had dating advice for me. My favorite thing was when she shared and Grandpa's love letters with all the girls. This picture of them on their honeymoon hung in my college apartment for years.
Just driving to her house and walking through her halls brought back SO many memories of summers in Utah. I remember walking down to the swimming pool and eating plums from the trees on the way home. I loved when we helped clean Grandma's garage… we always found such treasures in the closet...lots of gold leafing and the greatest coats and party dresses. Trying them on entertained us for hours.

Oh I'm glad I could see her again.

Friday, May 1, 2009

mia maids

This weekend Noelle, Kris & I headed up to Utah for some "presidency bonding" at Women's Conference. The weather was beautiful and I even enjoyed the rain. Being my first Women's Conference, I didn't have much to compare it to (except those wild EFY weeks!)
We mapped out our classes and thought we'd picked some real winners (a perfect blend of heavy spiritual and light humor...or so we thought) After staying up till all hours in the morning chatting, even light spiritual was too heavy as were our eye lids. So we made sure to cross the entire campus multiple times down the long flight of stairs to the fieldhouse for some more humor.. but it was nowhere to be found.. we just kept being stuck in serious classes, with no backed benches, no ac and loud fans. They were actually all great, just not what we had expected. Although Brad Wilcox came through for us in the end and we were thrilled.

Thursday night they had a concert and this "boy band" a capella group did a 80s-90s rap medley. The women were in the aisles dancing and waiving their cell phones around like lighters. I was embarrassed to even be in the crowd, I was laughing so hard I was in tears. The MC called us "a bunch of Mia Maids" for how we were acting. He hit it on the head! They also had other wonderful performers including "Bring Him Home" by Dallyn Bayles . Now THAT deserved a standing ovation (unlike the closing song following Elder L. Tom Perry's devotional where we were the ONLY three women sitting out of 26,000). What snobs we are.
One of my favorite parts of being away was that I ate constantly and never prepared or cleaned my own meal! (and yes, strawberry milkshakes and "Cougar Tails" are considered meals!) I'm still a bit sick from eating the entire brownie sundae solo. I'll never live it down!

I loved what one of the speakers said...that most of what we will take away from this conference, the ideas, insights, inspiration... will come through the discussions we have after we go back to the hotels each night with the women we came with. I absolutely found that to be the case. I was so uplifted, enriched and edified (and sometime mortified!) by the stories, advice and discussions both Kris and Noelle shared on our trip. I am so lucky to be surrounded by great women!

Friday, April 10, 2009

smokey the bear

Troy took the "first batch" camping and from their dirt and smiles,
it looked like fun! Apparently Troy almost started a forest fire when the wind picked up. Way to go Smokey!Dallin was the photographer and came back with lots of pictures..
mostly of fire.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

memory lane

Each night before bed, Troy tells the kids a story. He usually tells a story of his childhood... growing up on Harrison street (out in Gilbert when it was nothing but fields and farms).
So after conference we took the kids and Troy's parents out to the old house on Harrison.
It was fun to see the old prints in the cement and have the kids recognize so many things from the bedtime stories. (They kept trying to find "the mean dog named Butch")
Life sure was different "back then"... with all that space and no safety concerns. (climbing on electric fences, burning the weeds with blow torches, underage driving, playing with matches... yes my kids are learning some real gems from 'ole dad!)

It was a lovely stroll down memory lane.

reverence tent

We tried the "Reverence Tent" idea for General Conference. I love the idea of teaching about King Benjamin and how the families turned their tents to face the prophet as he taught them.
But I think, aside from the photo op, I was the one that spent the most time in the Reverence Tent. All those pillows were just calling my name!
But I was reverent!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fool's day

Dallin & Ella were fooled by their milk that started off white, but changed colors with each bite!
Having a hard time drinking your juice, Dallin? Gotcha!

Friday, March 27, 2009

public transportation

We decided it would be a fun family activity to take the kids to try the Light Rail that runs from West Mesa into downtown Phoenix.
Dallin and Ella loved the ride and entertained all the passengers with their squeals.
We got off and walked down Mill until Allison started throwing up all over. We chose to forgo dinner and get back home. Allison had another "incident" all over Troy on our way to the train. And then again all over me on the ride back. I was trying to contain it in a bag in my purse, but not doing a great job. I was dying of embarrassment as all the other passengers were just looking at our mess and enduring the smell. I hopped off with the baby at the next stop and sent Troy and the other three alone to ride back in to get our car then pick me up. Thank heavens for cell phones because I had no idea where I was when I hopped off and just sent the rest of my family on their way.
Allison eventually fell asleep and I started walking toward home (another 15 miles). After a mile or so (in three inch heels) Troy and the rest of the crew found us and we all made it safely home. I don’t think public transportation is for us yet.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the original pancake house

Whenever we get together for breakfast with the Farnsworths.. it's ALWAYS the Pancake House out in Scottsdale. The place looks like a dive at the base of a Motel 6, but the apple pancake that you have to call in and order an hour before arrival, is heavenly! It's becoming more and more of a circus to get us all together, but I'm sure the waitress is well tipped! (And Grandpa didn't even have to fight for his fresh squeezed orange juice and hot maple syrup. Do I miss that? Hmmm.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

lucky guppie

We got a fish last weekend and already I want to flush it down the toilet. The bowl gets too dirty too quickly and grosses me out. But today I walked in and Allison was sitting on the kitchen island (still no idea how she got up there) stabbing a butcher knife into the fish bowl. Luckily nobody was hurt, although, secretly, I wouldn’t have minded the fish’s tragic death. I guess his name proves true. Lucky Guppie.

a + a = trouble

These girls are just something else!
This is pretty typical of Allison and Auburn. I will get one out of the tub and dress her and by the time I go back to get the next one… they’re back together in the bath.

The twins had their 18 month check up and waiting for the doctor had me in stitches! The girls were running around and under the exam table, pulling the paper off the table etc. They were just giggling their mischievous giggles and I was desperately trying to think of anything to keep them off the floor yet out of all the drawers and cupboards. I couldn't think of anything.

Allison and Auburn LOVE to empty out my dirty clothes basket. Auburn came out last week with 8 layers of clothes she had adorned herself in… dirty T-shirts, underwear, garments, and pajamas. Lovely.

This is our daily life.